Postcrossing Love

dscf1089This card comes to me from Rundle Mall, Adelaide, Australia. The sender writes that besides the pig sculptures shown above, the mall also sports a sculpture made of two spheres stacked atop each other, known locally as the Mall’s Balls. I wish the postcard showed a picture of those as well.


dscf1093This slick, oversized postcard comes from Taipei, Taiwan. It shows Taipei 101 which is the tallest building in Taiwan’s business district, and, if I am not mistaken, tallest in the country. If Taiwan is a country, that is. China seems to think not.


dscf1095Next is a card from Tampere, Finland. This writer says Finland is known as the land of one thousand lakes. Do you think maybe it looks a lot like Minnesota?


dscf1094And, lastly, we have this lovely card from 8-yr-old Martin in Great Britain. Martin writes that he has visited the USA only once and that he loved it. He’s also a big Spongebob fan.

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