Postcrossing Update


First up, Minsk. That’s in Belarus. I know because my postcrossing pal told me so. This card shows the city in winter. It looks lovely, but isn’t that what postcards are supposed to do?


Next up, Mulheim on the Ruhr, Germany. Again, a very lovely, picturesque town the writer says is one of the smallish cities.


Lastly, the British consulate in Taiwan. I just realized that I don’t know the difference between a consulate and an embassy. Dang, I’ll have to look it up unless one of you know and care to leave a comment. Hint, hint.


  • phonelady

    Oh I am sorry I dont know the difference . But looks like you got a beautifull stash of postcards . You have a reply to your card with the cute stickers on the way to you . Have a great day .

  • Sheila

    I'm a member of Postcrossing too!

    As far as I know, embassies are diplomatic offices located in capital cities, whereas consulates are smaller offices in non-capital cities and offer help to their own nationals.

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