This card comes to me from my younger daughter, Heidi. My mail carrier has commented once or twice about the volume of mail I send and receive. I may not be keeping the Crockett P.O. open single-handedly, but I’m quite confident that I bring the average up on the number of mail items per day. Heidi is one of the super organized people of the world who (gasp) throws away her junk mail. I was so proud to see she made her card on a magazine subscription reply card.
Normally that sucker would so be in the trash.
As far as something shutting down once school started, that would be my blog. I’m determined to do better though. It’s the normal readjusting period, the getting out of summer mode and back into the Yeah-I-really-have-to-go-to-school mode. In a week or two, I will stop looking wistfully out the window and resign myself to my fate.

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  • phonelady

    hey there got your letter today and sending one back tommorow . This is your snicker doodle doo pal checking in and letting you know that now my blog is fixed and you can definately follow . good to see you posting again . oh and my mail person has been commenting on the volume of mail I get as well . some of us I think are trying to personally keep the post office going single handedly . Oh well just my thoughts .

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