That New Year Smell


2010. A brand spanking new year arrives. You can tell it’s new because it has that new year smell. You know, the smell of new hopes, new resolutions and new possibilities. That new smell is everywhere…all over TV, in magazines, Bloglandia. Even in your old car.

It’s everywhere, I tell ya. Even in my mailbox. After sitting empty the whole first week of Twenty-Ten, some letter love finally wafts its way to Greek Miller Road on the 9th. Isn’t that smell intoxicating? Four items in one day. Yay!

Quick. Somebody close the hole in the ozone layer. You’re letting the new smell out.


  • Sue

    I'm on vacation and going to thrift stores. I've found some notecards and stationary. I even found a letter from someone in Australia with a corresponding stamp. I guess they sorted quickly when bringing their stuff to the thrift store. My gain!

    I haven't written any notes yet but maybe I'll do some postcards by the pool. šŸ™‚


  • Timothy

    So, rounded envelopes can go through the mail (the pink-edged one)? Where do you ladies learn all these neat tricks? Do you just try it? Have you ever gotten a letter back because the p.o. wouldn't/couldn't deliver it?


  • Patty

    Hey Sue,

    You're right. I mostly just try whatever. I've seen things mailed that were a lot more weird than a funny shaped envelope.

    Personally, I've never received a letter back from the post office that they wouldn't deliver. I figure it's not that big of a deal. In fact, if I were a postal worker, it would brighten my day to see something out of the ordinary pass through.

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