Mail Art Sticker and Stencil Courtesy of Triple A


Saving stickers that come in my junk mail is second nature for me, but sometimes they languish in a keeper pile for months. This sticker from Triple A auto club is one of those. I happened across it yesterday and was determined to use it and started looking at it. I kept staring at it trying to think of an A-A-A acronym to make it work. Then I saw it. I grabbed my Cutter Bee scissors and snipped out the cross bars of the first two A’s to make the M A logo you see above. Mail Art! (You could snip the 2nd and 3rd crossbars instead to make A M for Air Mail.)
I peeled the sticker off and stuck it to an envelope. Voila!

As I was gathering up the scraps to throw away, I noticed I had a pretty fair stencil
left from the sticker backing, so I saved it too. Below, you can see the stencil and the logo I made using it. How cool is that!




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