The Reports Of My Death Are Greatly Exaggerated

Hello Everyone. (if I have any readers left after my 3-month hiatus!)

I’d forgotten how overwhelmed I always get in the Springtime, with after school remediation prior to state-mandated testing, then the stressful testing, post test remediation, retesting, end of six weeks grades, semester, and yearly grades. Whew.
At last, the school year is over. Yesterday was our final day. Yippee! Now, back to our regularly scheduled mail blog.

First off, I’m not going to try to document the months of mail I missed. I didn’t send out as much, but I didn’t completely quit either. So, I’m just going to jump in where I am as of now.

Over at Good Mail Day they have a “Call for Scribblers, Mail Artists, and Pen Friends.” Do you fit any one, two, or perhaps all three of those? Then, head on over and sign up to send and receive some cool mail.

Yesterday I received my first two items from that list and guess what? They were from Jennie and Carolee; can you tell I am super excited about that?


Jennie Hinchcliff sent this mail art postcard. Drat. I just noticed I forgot to peel that little postal bar code strip off.



Not to be outdone, Carolee sent these photos from the 70s. They have peel-off strips on the back so you can attach them. She also included a couple of Good Mail Day Special Delivery stamps. How cool is that!


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