I’m A Letter-Writing Envelope-Making Fool



Fast food bags make great envelopes and I find myself skipping the fries because they are so likely to leave grease spots on the bag. Who knew mail art could be healthy for your diet! This one from McDonald’s is one of my all-time faves.

This one is made from a page from a paper sampler my friend Treva gave me. The name of the company slips my mind, but it is based in Rochester, NY. The black bear envelope last post came from the same sample book.


These two above, to Jennie and Carolee, are two more envelopes I made from the Belgium calendar I picked up at a thrift store. These envelopes were fun to make and the paper is quite sturdy so they should hold up well in their cross-country trek.

And, lastly, this one heads out to Nebraska and is a repurposed envie from the junk mail stash.


  • marnie

    i got a GREAT letter from you today!!! i have looked at your page a lot-i have been slowly working through the list of people and have had so much fun! your letter is now on my flickr page (under wittygrittyinvisiblegirl) with your address blocked out of course-and the snake has a story about ex-monsters! thanks sooooo much for the letter!!! it made my day-i woke up in pain and angst and then saw the letter from you and perked up-so thank you! xxx, marnie b.

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