A Passel of Post — Part 1

Now there’s a word you don’t hear every day. Passel. Perfectly good word; passel. Apparently, passel originates from the word parcel, so it’s doubly appropriate, ’cause I got a passel of parcels and postcards to post.

Let’s see. Postcards, first. These 5 postcards (actually, I sent out 8, but some were duplicates) are all for fellow Postcrossers.

It finally dawned on me that I had some outgoing Postcrossing cards en route that should’ve arrived by now, so I logged in to check on them. I had 5 cards traveling and all had been traveling for the same number of days — 41. Uh oh. Oh yeah, those alarm bells went off and I began searching. Sure enough, I found them on my dining room table buried at the bottom of one of many crap piles. So, I apologize, I guess to myself, because these folks don’t know they’re supposed to be waiting on mail. Anyway, the Highland County sheep are outgoing cards, US-636131 and US-636134.

These three of the Highland Inn in Monterey, VA are US-636133, US-636135, and US-636136.


The Eastern Bluebird, my favorite little birdie. Despite the fact, or maybe because, they are so persnickety about their nesting spots. US-738547 goes to Julia in the Russian Federation.


This one would make a nice 4th of July card. Note to self: hold that thought. And the winner is……Anna of Ukraine. Postcrossing ID: US-738557
Lastly, this one, US-738561, goes to Sarah in Sydney, Australia. This is another postcard I picked up in Monterey. If I ever knew who the statue depicts, I’ve since forgotten.


This one goes out to my daughter Heidi who sent me a couple of postcards while vacationing at Myrtle Beach.



This mail art goes out to a newly found pen friend. This card has an alias; aka Flotsam & Jetsam #27.


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