A Passel of Post — Part 2

This one is going out to a new potential pen friend. The collaged clippings are from a junk mail catalog.

Given the volume of mail she must receive, I don’t know how Bianca keeps up with it all. But she does, and her letters are always so much fun.


Speaking of Bianca, she included this lovely brown/black envelope for me in her last letter. I added the dice and addressed it, but it was too small to include a couple of extras I wanted to send Tillie. So it all got repackaged into a clear vinyl envelope I made from the pouch my colored pencils came in. That should hold up well on the trip to New Zealand and may keep the customs officials from having to open it as well.

Here’s a cut-out from a fishing magazine that I altered a bit.

Three quick notes on real stationery cards. Hallmark Expressions, no less. But you probably know me well enough by now to realize I didn’t pay full price. They were in the batch from the surplus store. I love that place!


Here’s another envelope made from that Belgium calendar. Photos of houses are among my favorites.

This one I mailed last week sometime and has already been received.


jenna-richey-back jenna-richey-1

The three photos above show the fronts of two cards and one of the backs. These are the first greeting cards I’ve seen that don’t have an envelope. They were in a batch of cards I picked up at the government surplus store.

I got some of those sample idea cards in the junk mail and instead of tossing them into the trash, I tossed them into this letter to Amanda.


Yikes! Watch out for this one.

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