• Misha

    Oh my gosh!! Was it still frozen? 🙂 I have not received anything super strange yet… but the oddest thing I have sent would have to be a water bottle filled with goodies which I sent to my friend in Colorado…

    By the way, I sent you a letter ages ago and was wondering if it arrived safely.

  • Patty Davidson

    Actually, the frozen dinner was not in the box…it contained a letter only. The box was just the "envelope".

    Misha, I will double check to see if I have placed one in my already answered box by mistake. It's possible!

  • elle.mental

    Hi Patricia! Thanks for the letter and goodies! I am now following your blog, it is really fun to see all you have coming and going in the mail! My mailart friend Neosho in Chicago,was always sending me strange and fun things in the mail usually a collection of little bits and pieces of "stuff" taht she taped together to make an envelope…in return I once sent her an envelope made from a Reeses Piecs bag and filled it with candy related ATC's.

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