Here I Go Again


There I was, just minding my own business; chugging right along on my goal of writing 365 letters in 2010. The end is in sight, my goal almost realized. I had begun thinking about next year. Would I commit to another 365 letter writing campaign?

I was thinking….probably not. Oh, I certainly intend to keep on writing letters, but maybe take it down a notch to say, maybe 200 or 250. Then I read Angelia’s post over at A Year of Letters about something new on the horizon.

Hey, I could get in on the ground level. I wasn’t behind yet. It seemed like fate.
Yeah, I went. I saw. I caved.

So, here I go again. MailArt365 if you’d like to follow along and/or join in on the mailart fun. There are several signed up already. It’s not just me on the Crazy Train.


  • Reno

    So many great letter writing sites out there. I dig the idea of MailArt365 and have admired A Year of Letters as Well. Another favorite is The Things Unsaid Project.

  • mischief

    Welcome to the project Patty! I didn't realise from your post on mailart 365 that you had been on A year of letters already! Yikes! Narry a breath between them either. Good stuff!

    I think me and Elena need to move to VA. Sounds like you are all crazy out there, we'd get on just fine I'm sure

  • Melissa of {craftgasm}

    I received my postcard from your MailArt365 project after returning from a weekend trip. I was selling at the Bust Holiday Craftacular, and Miss Mim stopped by my booth and we got to meet IRL. Your name came up as one of the bloggers we each follow, and then here you are sending me postcards the next day! It's a small world after all. 🙂 I shall reply in kind soon!

  • mischief

    Hey Mellisa what a great story! I love to think of you guys Stateside meeting up and talking about post-it fills my heart with joy! Patty I'm loving the new blog template it's a really good look

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