Kailey Teaches Nana

In my last post, I talked about Kailey’s Mail Art pictured above and mentioned there are lessons to be learned from this 3-yr-old. Well, here they are.

#1 Work quickly. From start to finish, this little mail art project took maybe a total of 3 minutes. Probably less.

#2 Work intuitively. When I handed her the plain, white 4 x 6 inch piece of
cardstock to use for her base, she immediately ripped it into two pieces. No boundaries for Kailey’s mail art.

#3 Work with what you have. It didn’t bother Kailey that the materials I gave her were things I didn’t really care about. She was happy to work with the items I’d put in her very own box of treasures. No extra items needed, no trips to Michael’s, no specialty orders required. She worked with what was available.

#4 Don’t worry about what others think. I can say quite confidently Kailey didn’t give a second thought to what others might think of her work.

#5 Think outside the box. What box? The 4 x 6 in base card didn’t box little Kailey in. Her art didn’t have to fit within those confines. Notice both the heart sticker embellishment and the main image extend outside what was left of the original 4 x 6 in box.

#6 Be happy. When I asked her who she was going to send her mail art to, Kailey looked at me and said, “To you, Nana. I need a stamp.” So I helped her write Nana on the back side (dots to trace), and then let her choose whatever stamp she wanted from my REAL postage. She chose one and enjoyed licking and placing the vintage stamp. Then she solemnly placed it into my mailbox and raised the flag. We each have mailboxes where we correspond. Her mailbox is Cinderella-themed, while mine is a more sedate blue box with white spatters (thrift store finds).

Are there any lessons you can learn from Kailey??????


  • Gini

    I love this Patty . . . what a great way to spend time together. I really like the mailboxes . . . very cute.

    I did send my letter to you . . . hope you received it. Great post, Patty.

  • Sara

    This is a great post Patty. šŸ™‚ Love it. šŸ˜€

    I got the Laura Ashley envelopes you sent me today . šŸ˜€ WOW ! THEY ARE AWESOME ! THANK YOU !

    And I'll write you a letter soon if you are still interested in being penpals ? Or if you want to get to know me first beforehand, just ask me anything. :):)

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