Greener than Green Mail

Back in March, I sent a letter to Donna Parker in Mexico. I used an inside-out envelope my bank statement came in, collaged a few bits on it and sent it on its merry way. You can see the envelope in the stack of mail pictured on my blog post dated March 14th.



Donna, whom I have dubbed “The Green Queen”, collaged it some more and sent my return letter back in the same envie.


Here’s the back side with its extra embellishments. But, she didn’t stop there!



Check out the letter. The writing on this side is mine to Donna. I added the car in the background and Barbie over to the side. The new images in the foreground are the ones Donna added. She answered by writing on the flip sides of all these pages which were blank.

What a fun letter to receive. It reminded me of some letters my piano teacher let me read when I was a young girl. Those letters dated from Civil War times…but that is way off subject and fodder for some post in the future.


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