This Just In: Davy Crockett Surfaces in Bermuda Triangle


Bobbie Cade, aka Limner, sent me a letter a few weeks back. It was dated May 26th. She went all out on the Davy Crockett envelope you see above, even going so far as to persuade the postal clerk to cancel the stamp with a Crockett, TX postmark. (For those of you who don’t get the connection, I live in Crockett, VA.)

Well, the letter was missing. I kept waiting for it to arrive. Bobbie kept trying to track it from her end. Nada.

This morning I mentioned the missing letter to my husband. He asked, “Have you checked in the Bermuda Triangle?”

I had not. But, I did. And, voila…the missing letter has surfaced.

The Bermuda Triangle (Crockett affiliate) is located in my vehicle. Nissan calls it a Door Pocket. I have lost, AND FOUND, my cell phone there twice, as well as various and sundry other items. I don’t know why I don’t just check there first when something goes missing.

Or, stuff it full of something so items don’t fall into it.

Or, stop driving like a maniac, careening around these curvy mountain roads on two wheels, making items skedaddle across the passenger seat only to land in the abyss. Not likely to occur.


  • phonelady61

    LOL !!! Oh wow how many times have I done that ? quite often in fact . Im telling you I am getting old and forgetful .

  • Limner

    Patty! Whew! I made a note to call the Crockett post office on Monday to see what went wrong. I mailed it from Katy to Crockett with a note, asking if they would be kind and give you a Crockett, TX post mark. I was so happy. I imagined you opening it and being happy too. πŸ˜€

    When it was a no show I had to ask if you'd gotten it–and in doing so–I spoiled my surprise. It occurred to me they might be wary of my request after seeing all that tape. LOL!

    It would be great if everyone who lives in a Crockett would send you a postcard, if not a note or letter. Davy was like that soldier named Jasper–he spread his name around a lot, too. I'm a native Texan yet I've never visited the Alamo. That's where Crockett died, right? Well, when I go, I'm gonna buy you a 'coon skin cap. πŸ™‚

    LOL! Phonelady6, you're just "living in the moment" when that happens. I'm quoting Marlene from the show "The Big C." Marlene had Alzheimer's and was disconnecting from her past more frequently. That's how she summed up the lapses, "living in the moment." I like that. πŸ™‚

    Thanks Patty.

  • Maria

    Oh, I love this story! I once *insisted* to the public library that I had returned a book they had listed as being in my hands. They very kindly didn't make me pay for the book, etc. Imagine my embarrassment to find the book hiding under my car seat the next time I cleaned the inside of my car. Sigh.

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