Now This Just Makes Me Sad

2011-07-19-09-41-38Could someone please tell me what happened to the photos of missing children? Aren’t those pictures supposed to be on milk cartons? Isn’t that a law or something? No? Well, it should be.

When did we become more concerned with finding words in a puzzle than finding missing children? That depressing milk carton looked right at home on my breakfast tray with its reconstituted egg substitute and soggy Rice Crunchies.


  • mabb

    Oh, Patty, didn't realize you were *hospitalized." I'm too used to the ambulatory surgery thing, I guess. Yeah, how are you? Not too bad, I guess, if you are ranting about milk cartons! Don't forget to collect all possible ephemera before leaving the hospital! 🙂

  • Patty Davidson

    Hi all! Yes, I went to ER at 3:30 AM Sunday morning. By 6 AM, the blood work and CT scan had confirmed my self-diagnosis of appendix problems. Then Mike had to take me to a different hospital because our local one didn't have a surgeon available until Monday and I couldn't wait 30 hours. Operation was over and I was awake and eating jell-o and trying to salvage the colorful placemat from my tray by noon. Life is better sans a sick appendix. I'm at home now and moving better bit by bit. Thanks for all the good vibes and great mail that is coming my way!

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