Get Well Mail


At first I thought the bird was chirping “Sweet”. When I looked more closely, it was actually “Tweet”. This “Sweet Tweet” is from Debra Robinson, one of Heidi’s co-workers.




Check out this funny Cat in a Hat from Rachel Bouc.



This one just makes me smile. Kami and Debbie, two other teachers in the math department at school sent this cute, Cute, CUTE little froggie card.


from-mistyMisty Davis sent me her treasured Stick “Singing in the Rain” card. Isn’t it adorable! No one could blame her if she’d kept it, but I am honored to receive it. It serves double duty too by reminding me that one doesn’t have to be one of the old masters to make art. The charm of this card lies in its simplicity, don’t you think?



Becky left a paper trail from Pennsylvania to Crockett with this lovely vintage card. I’m a sucker for old-fashioned floral prints. Love it! She also included some fun stickers and ephemera which will soon be incorporated into some outgoing mail art pieces.



Doris and Bill Akers, my daughter-in-law Maranda’s grandparents, sent a similarly styled card, chock full of prayers and cheery thoughts.



And, to wrap up this set, a mail art card from Rusty StoneZebra. Chocolate + Strawberry Ice Cream = A Cure for Many Ills.

Thanks to all for the get well sentiments. By George, I think they’re working. If I missed a missive you might have sent, well, it’s probably around here somewhere. My routines are all topsy turvy and I’m not yet firing on all cylinders. More mail posts to follow in the next few days and plenty of replies to keep me busy while I mend. Thanks again so much. It means more to me than you can know.


  • mabb

    Happy to see you posting with vim and vigor…? Enjoyed seeing your Get Well cards, and your little blurbs about them. Very sweet of the senders to send them, and very sweet of you to feature them here….It is so heart-warming to me to see a person really enjoy her mail. I enjoy mine immensely, starting with a good sit-down-and-ponder-it for a while….

  • Limner

    Sending Patty Hugs! I've been wringing my hands when my arms haven't been up to their pits with medicine bottles, syringes, and caregiving. I fall asleep around dawn with you on my mind. The card I bought for you will head your way soon. I promise. We have a lot of catching up to do! Please be well! Please?

  • mim

    Good to see these posts and know that you are somewhat back to doing what you do. What a kicker, eh? I hope your recovery will be speedy and you'll soon be making lots-o-art.

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