Humps Haven Gazeteer



Our very own Humps Haven Chapter of the International Union Of Mail Artists (IUOMA) met Thursday, June 23 at the home of Mrs. J. Thorndike Ripplecrest. “Nobody told me the meeting was at my house. A phone call would have been nice,” Mrs. Ripplecrest said, shown above seated at her typewriter. “They descended on my house like a gang from the lunatic asylum.” Some of those in attendance were Canai Sinhg, who serenaded the artists on his instrument, and our favorite twins, Milly and Tilly Sturmunddranghauser,daughters of our favorite local storage unit owners. When asked if their mail art turned out identical also, the twins answered in unison: “What do you think?” The Humps Haven Chapter meets monthly. New members are always welcome. Call Milly and Tilly at 123-4567 for more info, or as Milly and Tilly like to say, as one, “You can always send a request in the mail!” Their mailing address is c/o Stor-it, Hear? 365 Trout Squiggle Run, Humps Haven. Staff Photo by I.C. Hugh.

What a fun piece of mail from MABB (mailart365). Oh, in case you’re wondering, that’s supposed to be me Pensive Patty, in the lower left-hand corner by the file cabinet.


  • mabb

    Hey-hey-HEYYYY! What do you mean "supposed to be" you? I went to a lot of trouble to get that candid photo of you!

    Are you up and about, jogging, bicycling, doing aerobics and all that? Hope you are feeling all better!

  • Patty Davidson

    Hi Girls,

    I am feeling better indeed. Not 100% back to what passes for normal, but at least in the 90's. Ohly half of the staples removed and I'm following a second round of antibiotics, but nothing serious, I don't think.

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