Just Letting ‘Er Rip


One day a couple of weeks ago I blew the dust out of my Photoshop program figuratively and out of my laptop literally and started making some address labels for my Postcrossing cards.  One of the prototype prelims morphed into the envelope you see above.  It’s now on its way to a new correspondent in Canada.

This post is dedicated to Limner who had begun to fret a bit about my slackness online, but now she’s over it.  She’s catching fish faster than JC can throw ’em in the sack and trying out new recipes in her head and generally having a grand ole time.  I’m glad.


  • elle.mental

    Missing you Patty! I hope you are feeling better and enjoying the last of the fall weather! I will be in Costa Rica for 6 weeks starting the end of November, but I'll see you in the mail when we get back! Have a blessed holiday season! Hugs, Elle

  • Limner

    How cute! Glad you're back!!! That gecko was working my nerve. Had me thinking he'd tied you up or something.

    Oh, wow. I am touched beyond measure. I've never had a post dedicated to me before. Not in public any way. 😀 I feel like a mail star! Patty, you're something else. Thank you.

    Don't stay away so long ever again, okay? Don't you wish we could go with Elle? 🙁 We could do some genuwine fishing if we did. I'd scale em, gut 'em, fillet 'em, and fry 'em up so good even Andy would say "Mmm! That's some might fine fish, B!" And Opie would agree. Floyd might even close the barber shop for a fish fry. You reckon Otis would bring the libation?

    So glad you're back.

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