Just the Way It Is

Yesterday’s outgoing mail included these four envelopes all made from Hardees’ bags.  The only time a bag from any fast food joint gets chucked around here is when food stains the bag.  Fries are usually the culprit.

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  • Limner

    Thanks! I got mine! Was like pulling sunshine from my mail box. 🙂 Gave me a spring in my step, let me tell you. Such a light bag. Such a happy bag. Am glad you save such thing, too. I used a bag to mail a fish 'cause I didn't have newspaper like they used in the old days. Ha! Dead fish don't stink when they travel by mail. 🙂

    Patty, you're as plucky as ever, and still quite clever. Thanks for my Hardee Mail. Mail from Katy is heading your way. 17 pieces of mail left my home, to find a new one. Happy mailings to you!

    Glad you're back, my friend. There's no mail like Patty Mail.

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