Book of Days 2012


Besides letter writing and mail art, my next favorite activity is art journaling.  Here is the front cover of my 2012 Book of Days.  I’m following along with our fearless leader, Effy Wild.  Here’s a link to her Book of Days site.  The basic program is totally free.  There is also a Facebook group to join if you like.

She provides two or three videos per week where you can watch her create pages in her own art journal.  Very helpful for those like me who have a huge gap between the idea of my page as it exists inside my mind and what I actually translate onto on the paper.

I won’t be posting the journal pages here, but if you are interested you can follow me on Pinterest.  It amazes me that I have 60 followers already on Pinterest, but I’ve never pinned anything to a single board!  Who are these people?

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