New Website–New Posts–Same Old Me

Many thanks to my daughter Sharon for the new digs! Not only did she provide the website, but she also moved everything over from my old blog. All in the two hours I was gone to church! She’s got mad computer skills, make that skillz with a “z.”

Nobody likes whining, but I’ve more than paid for a sentence or two. It has been a tough couple of years with eight surgeries on my left arm and countless hours of physical and occupational therapy trying to convince my body that a 9-inch metal rod is just as good as a humerus. Whine over, but take my advice. If you blow a tire and zig-zag back and forth across the road before rolling the thing a couple of times, do not, I repeat, Do NOT let your arm get caught inside the steering wheel.

Apparently insomnia is a side effect of chronic pain. Therefore, last night at about 2 AM, I translated no sleep into thumbprint reindeer for my December Daily album.




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