STAR’S House of Washi


Here is a set of washi samples going out in a swap over at Swap-bot.com.  It took only a few extra minutes to turn the boring rectangluar cardboard backing into the more interesting house shape you see above.  The swap required 18 inches of tape for each different sample.  To make measuring easy, I started with a 3 X 4-inch base and simply counted three wraps front and back, plus a little extra for good measure.  Do you have any suggestions for other fun shapes to use in a similar way?


  • Limner

    I got it! No idea why but I immediately thought of the book, “A Painted House.” Then I sat here for a while just looking at the washi “lumber” when it clicked. I’m getting quicker. 🙂 Will you show us what you get? House of Washi = clever-clever.

  • Patty Davidson

    Two swap partners are assigned for this swap. One is from New Delhi, India and the other from Alberta, Canada. Those are the two I send out, but I have no idea where mine will originate. I will be sure to post a photo when I receive mine.

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