Lettuce Ketchup


Hey, Everyone. Anyone. No one? I’m back. I’ve truly missed my blog. It isn’t big. I’ve never had very many followers, but that has never been what is most important. I enjoy writing and haphazardly documenting my days. In revisiting old posts, I’m amazed at all the little things I’ve forgotten already.

The past few years have been pretty rocky. I’m trying not to complain and whine, aka known as bitch and moan. But, hey, I’m trying to be nice and don’t have the time or energy for negativity.The big whammy is Mike’s diagnosis of dementia. It’s a horrible disease and his decline has been both quick and drastic. I’m holding fast to the positives and treasuring the smallest of them as they become fewer and farther between.

So, with no fanfare, simply a cheesy cartoon, I return.  Lettuce get together, chat, and ketchup.

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